Peace and Healing

A Perspective of Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Healing


What is Truth?

What is truth? We know that basic facts exist that are unarguable. Two rocks plus two rocks equals four rocks. Scientific methodology enforces the truth concept in science repeatedly in terms of how carbon atoms attach to hydrogen atoms and clearly H2O equals water. There is no debate on these truthful facts. The issue of truth becomes hairy when we add our subjective experience to a situation and even that does not work one hundred percent of the time. One must investigate even the basics of experiential living to come to small simple truths. Let us look at an old story of the twenty foot in diameter beach ball. This beach ball has one sided painted black, one side painted white. There are four adults on each side of the ball, arguing to beat the band. One is adamant it is black the other emphatic it is white the other two emphatic it is black and white. They are all correct, however they may argue for awhile before checking out the source of disagreement. There is a want to prove our point in life and to be heard. Truth is fairly consistent in nature. We know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, Deciduous tress will loose their leaves and most flies are annoying. Truth has been searched for since man walked this earth. Fire burns, snow is cold and rain is wet. This simplicity is stated for we distort truth’s for really no other reasons than we have either been taught wrong in the past, and we must realize that life is constantly changing. Our own insecurities as well as the attribution theory taints truth. We then distort a truism, it gets fed to a peer and translated via rumor to others to the point where it is now a blatant falsehood.

What is Truth about our feelings?

Let me stir some controversy about truth. When one discloses their feelings, we many times assume they are truthful. Are they? Well it is not that cut and dry. Many times individuals do not know how to express their feelings, for the most part. Sure, they are aware many times they are happy, sad, angry, or even more accordantly apathetic. But are they? If one does not have experience expressing their feelings or at least getting in touch with their feelings then more often than not there is a breakdown from introspection, to brain to engage mouth to expression. Many are hesitant based on the captive audience, mood at the time, concerns of the others response, and the “big one” how they feel they may be perceived. Even what appears as a simple task of being expression-able about one’s feelings is fraught many times with complications. Therapy patients are notorious for trying to portray themselves in a good light for me. Fear of rejection, fear of vulnerability and fear of not doing it a correct way. As humans we are often taught some very screwed up ways of dealing with truth and feelings or should I say not dealing with truth and feelings.  Expression and truth are so helpful emotionally and physiologically it is too enormous to list. The benefit far outweighs the risk. Once this is recognized, the beginning of self actualization is occurring. There are differences and stereotypes are massive here. Men who express feelings are weak, and women too histrionic. Of course this biased inaccurate wall takes time to break down, and men and women alike who develop self confidence wll politely recognize, it is okay to say “screw them, this is me and this is the truth.”

Feelings and the accurate expression of these can be met with fallout. We then modulate, change, and modify our future expressions. Why? Well we do not want to hurt others feelings when we express our true feelings no do we? Ah, well this is a double bind of appeasement, not truth. We should not sell out our integrity based on holding back truth. In the real world we may have to saunter this position a bit, especially in the job area. One cannot really call your boss a thief, even though he may be stealing money, or berate his condescending demeanor for the risk of losing your job. There are very professional ways of approaching this and still maintain your integrity. Please see article on communication in the workplace.

What is the truth about God?

Well, I could write the truth in one sentence. We do NOT know. From a scientific perspective we really, truly do no know. This is a factual statement. However, if we bring in belief, faith, spirituality, karma, purpose of life then this bantered truth becomes more nebulous, however it does not change the fact. Personally, I have ventured across the country, studied the Bible for eight years (daily I might add), spent summers at a southern Baptist church camp, went to Temple by invite and found it intriguing and spiritual, read part of the Koran, and studied the organization, Jesus Christ of Later Saints. I specialized for awhile in cults such as Santeria religion, The Divine Light Mission and others. The similarity, all were trying desperately to find TRUTH, the “way.”

It was when I did my fair share of work on a Native American tribe in the southwest, and spent many hours in sweat ceremonies, and talking circle ceremonies and understood the connectedness that we all had with nature that I felt a spiritual connectedness. When that occurs there is no mistaking it. It is not comparing the dress of the peer in next pew, or the snooty look you get when you voice your disbelief about 42,000 different species of spiders being brought on Noah’s ark. A spirituality is an existential experience that is unforgeable that rocks your socks, and is unexplainable, as well as not measurable in lab doing a chi square and an ANOVA t see the p-value.

Even though millions follow Native American Spirituality and a Christian God this DOES NOT make it a measurable fact. It does not make it TRUE. THIS IS WHAT INDIVIDUALS MUST COMPREHEND. The big “T” does not exist as a truism from a scientific basis, but exists on a faith continuum. There is no wrong or right on this issue, however it becomes wrong in this authors view when that philosophic presentation is perceived as a hard truth, is not offered to me but forced fed to me. This then presents whether conscious or not conscious as an arrogant one up position that I rapidly lose respect for. I recently had a colleague tell me, “You bey your butt I know Jesus Christ better than you.” Hmm I wonder if that is how Jesus Christ would of wanted him to respond?  The paradox of truth, and belief in God is one that will continue and never be resolved. So fellow Peace and Healing followers, find your way, make an informed decision for you, find your own truth. Begin your quest, and DO NOT settle short of what ever it is you need to fulfill your life. We are not here to judge, but seek our own truth, find your peace and share, if others want a peace of your spiritual path, wonderful, if not wonderful, they need to walk through a few more brambles, suffer some bleeding along the way and when they turn at that last oak tree they may find it waiting for them all along.

With life experience comes pain, with pain comes character development, with character development comes truth, with truth comes hopefully the ability to express that truth and be giving to another. Truth is a gift that bonds two individuals closer and closer. It is a wonderful dance, the truth from the heart. Learn the steps you will not regret it.

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