Peace and Healing

A Perspective of Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Healing

Sexual Health

One of the most controversial yet important topics that can haunt men and women is their sexual health. We are taught not to discuss, deal with embarrassment, as well as insecurity around these issues. It is one of the downfalls in relationships and marriages however can be a fantastic building block if communication and openness is utilized. With some disorders there is no escaping, such as impotence, and other physiological disorders of age. Being sexually healthy is not just about intercourse but about closeness, touching, and love. We must realize that just because the media and pharmaceutical companies promote one certain way does not mean we need to move in that direction. Peace and Healing will focus on a few disorders that can be corrected, and lead to a healthy sex life, however I prefer to call it a healthy intimate life. All of us need closeness and intimacy to find a path of happiness