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Racism 2011

What is Racism 2011?

Kymberly Wimberley knows racism and integrity.

We all are very aware of the ugliness of the human condition and what individuals are capable of. Our history is filled with atrocities of minorities, and religions that have been singled out, defamed, emotionally and physically hurt and the ultimate scenario…death. ” Be like me I say.” ” I am afraid of those different than I so I must verbally defame or become a racists to rationalize not only my existence, but to place my self on a higher plane. My ego is too fragile to have a person of color, or religion work in the same environment, or worse yet take a position away from me due to color. If one has similar values and expectations of myself, one might assume with time this ugliness of racism will be diminished. The sacred hoop if you will, may help diminish the ugliness. Our children will be taught more open, accepting values and slowly over generations the less educated, short sighted, misguided angry and insecure individuals will fade into the “color” of the sunset. Recently I have been made aware of an atrocity that actually effected my sleep.

Kymberly Wimberley is an African American female who happens to be a teen mother. She earned the highest GPA in her class in McGehee High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was NOT allowed to be valedictorian, which she rightly earned because of being a teen mother. The honor was taken away from her and given to a white teen who was just down the grade point average road and was not a teen mother.

Allow this author to have some creative license for a moment…… Imagine a family, middle class, struggling in today’s economy to get by. Maybe her father is absent, maybe her parents are not absent working two jobs each trying to get by. Imagine mild family conflict on keeping the electric bill down, studying by some flashlights. Imagine the stress all children encounter in high school, peer pressure, group pressure of wanting to get accepted. Maybe just maybe this girl was not getting attention she needed and was seeking out a supportive, loving boyfriend or maybe it was by pure accident. Let us take this hypothetical even further, let us assume she was raped but had such high religious values she wanted to keep the child. Knowing her predicament she was not going to have an abortion, and was going to keep the child and do her very best to excel. This surprised pregnancy was a psychological catalyst to move her above and beyond her previous expectations of herself. She regrouped, took responsibility of the child, and studied. Not just studied every other night, not just breaking open a book before a test but I am referring to a motivation to do good for her and her child with a goal to excel further than she imagined. She was not in it for the recognition but saw the future and had a plan. A good plan  to excel. She then becomes valedictorian and the honor is stripped from her being. Taken from her because she would be a bad role model for the the class and their families. This high school and the administrators have zero integrity and zero ability to see how they could of turned this into a momentous occasion for the class. How one can rise above adversity, way above adversity and CHANGE.

Imagine if this girl was white. Would there of been the same demeaning punishment? The embarrassment not of the girl but of the white administrators of the school. If the administrators think for one milisecond they made an example out of this hero they are wrong. They made an ass of themselves and from a psychological perspective it is this authors opinion that this stripping of her valedictorian honr will not phase her but make her stronger and have more perseverance. If this young girl goes on to become an attorney a physician, a nurse or any profession where one is in need of her ability, I can assure you she will not turn away one of the administrators that stripped her title. Remember as we age our children will be taking care of us. Kymberly, Peace and Healing applauds you. You have what cannot be taught and what your administrators are lacking, integrity, passion, motivation, and a heart.

Yes, racism still exists in 2011. Only we as parents can target our children to understand the ugliness and why it continues to occur. Those who are in their fourth and fifth decade of life are too far gone. We will have to wait till they pass on to the segregated spiritual space where they will have no escape.


  1. Amen! These administrators should be stripped of their positions as they are a poor role model for Kymberly, her classmates, and for every student that attends the school they work for and the community they live in. ‘When’ they eventually need Kymberly to be working in a position where she can assist their life, or just be working to pay into their social security and precious pensions they should be rejected as she was.
    But you are correct Dan, Justice will be served in due time and not by Kymberly. She has already risen above them and will continue to do so. Justice will come from their Maker.
    God bless, Kymberly. Sincerely, Bill (a sixty something white man)

  2. Thank you Bill. I really appreciate the response. Call me naive, hopeful and grandiose but I am still shocked that this continues. My hopes will remain high and we must role model to others the importance that we are all one, and we are all connected. In Peace my friend.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Rogers. It is my belief that Kymberly is a great role model for all students in the respect that she did not allow the fact that she was a teen mother to derail her plans to remain a top student in her school and pursue the goals that she had set for herself in life. This is a wonderful example for students that no matter what mistakes you may make in life or the challenges that you face you can overcome those obstacles and still accomplish whatever you set your mind to accomplish. We all make mistakes, but we do not have to let our mistakes define who we are now or who we can become in the future. God bless you Kymberly and may you continue to walk on the path of success! Sincerely, Dorothy

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