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What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is an inflammation, a reddening of the eyelid specifically at the base of the eyelashes along the margin. It more commonly effects the upper lid but can effect the bottom one as well. The lid may or may not swell, and the cause of this irritation varies. This is commonly mis-diagnosed by providers due to lack of experience. It is not uncommon for blepharitis to become complicated and can be a precursor to a stye.

What are the causes of Blepharitis?

Excessive oil production, bacteria that harbors around the base of the hair follicles, allergies, and constant rubbing of the lids. Mascara and makeup have also been known to be a culprit in causing blepharitis. An individual could be allergic to dogs or cats, rub their eye and have a bout of blepharitis, or even conjunctivitis.

What is the treatment of Blepharitis?

Using a mild soap with frequent cleanings of the eyelid and or removal of the possible irritant. An antibiotic ointment or cream is more effective than drops, as drops frequently leave the area quickly. One wants an antibiotic in a consistency that will stay on the lid margin longer than drops. Placing a cool wash cloth over the eyelid is soothing as opposed to warm. remember when something is inflamed and hot, cool will decrease swelling and sooth irritation. No ice, just a cool wash cloth. If there is no improvement with your treatment in five days you should seek out an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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